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Jamboree Results

Gold Medal won by the Team of the TUM at iGEM 2011

The good news at the beginning: At the regional jamboree our team won a gold medal and qualified for the international finals at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Yeay!

During the Europe Jamboree in Amsterdam we had a great time. It was amazing to see how many young scientists from all over Europe and also from Africa came to the jamboree and presented their various ideas. At the presentations it was interesting to get an idea of the diverse applications of synthetic biology since there where so many different topics. In the poster session and afterwards at the great dinner and party we were pleased to talk and have fun with the other teams. Also it was great to stay at a camping site and to do a boat cruise on the Amsterdam canals. All in all we had a lovely European Jamboree and are looking forward to the World Jamboree at MIT.

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