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Researcher Safety
To ensure the safety of our researchers in the lab, we will wear gloves, labcoats, and goggles at any time that bacteria are in use. Also, no food or drink are allowed in the lab at any time. Before leaving the lab every day, we will wash our hands thoroughly. And, of course, any general laboratory safety procedures and precautions will be used.

Public Safety
Because we are using non-pathogenic lab E. coli, there is no risk to the general public that would arise from our research. We are still, however, taking precautions in that the windows of the lab remain closed, all waste is autoclaved, and any disposal is disposed of in a bio-hazard waste container.

Environmental Safety
Again, because we are using non-pathogenic lab bacteria, there is little to no risk to the environment. The only advantage we are providing our bacteria with is AMP resistance for selection. Although that gives little risk, we are still considering containment a priority.

Lab Biosafety
There is no biosafety at our college. Our guidelines are consistent with the Biosafety Levely 1 (BSL1) and cGLP.