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Zhenrun Zhang is the team leader of Peking_R team for iGEM 2011. He has participated in designing the project and detailing the experiments.

Name: Zhenrun Zhang (Jerry)
Hobbies: Volleyball; New Age music
Research interest: Chemical biology (Protein-protein interaction using chemical tools); Synthetic biology


Education: 2008.09-now College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University
Academic Experience:
2009.08-now Prof. Peng R. Chen’s lab, College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University
2011.03-now Peking_R team for iGEM 2010

Statement:As a fast emerging interdisciplinary field, synthetic biology has achieved quite a few seminal advancements. Though synthetic biology has some critical problems to be tackled before it goes into next stage of development, I believe that through efforts from all the dedicated synthetic biologists, and with some breakthroughs in relative disciplines, synthetic biology will become a mature scientific field while maintaining its vigor to make exciting achievements. iGEM has offered a very good platform for future scientists from all over the world to join in the trend of synthetic biology.


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