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"Magnetotaxis": Chassis Page

Chassis page titled "Magnetotaxis" has been created in Parts Registry, please do visit this site for more useful information related to this species and the newly established chassis.

Growth Curve Of AMB-1 (BBa_K624032)

AMB-1 growth curve with MSGM.
The Horizontal axis is the time of growth (in days) and the Vertical axis is the OD565 (the maximum absorbance of AMB-1). The AMB-1 enters log phase after about 7~10 days.

We measure AMB-1's growth under OD565, which is the best absorption wavelength for AMB-1. For electroporation operation, it is important to find out the log phase, since it’s the best time for electroporation. By keeping AMB-1 in "log phase" (approximately 3~6 days in Enrich-MSGM, 7~10 days in MSGM), best results of electroporation are achieved. And after seven days, the bacterium would go into stationary phase. During the phase, the growth slows as a result of nutrient depletion and accumulation of toxic products. Growth rate and death rate of bacterium is best likely to meet equilibrium in this stage.

pYMB Test Result

International Collaboration Reports

One of our collaborators, Tsinghua has experimentally confirmed pYMBG (BBa_K624021) as an effective shuttle vector.

Chassis result.jpg

"Microscope Observation:

This is an observation of magnetotactic bacteria under the stimulation of magnetic fields which come from below the screen. The movement and the motion of the bacteria can be suggested and analyzed for further prediction of the impact of magnetic force toward magnetosome.

"Naked-eyed Observation:

This is an naked-eyed observation of magnetic bacteria with different strength of magnetic fields applied. The motion of magnetotactic bacteria is very obvious.