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We are grateful for the kind support and help of Prof. Long-Fei Wu, and Sheng-Da Zhang, PhD student from Laboratoire de Chimie Bactérienne, CNRS, Institut de Biologie Structurale et Microbiologie, France, for providing us AMB-1 of her lab and help us on our experimental use.

Sheng-Da ZHANG.jpg

We are thankful towards Prof. Guan-Jun Chen and PhD student Tao Bo for providing us AMB-1 of his lab and helping us on cultivation.

Guan-Jun Chen.jpg

Many thanks to all those faculty members who have helped our iGEM team during 2011.

Dr. Kung-Yee LiangDr. Ming-Yuan ChengDr. Tsuey-Ching YangDr. An-Na Chiang
校長2.jpgDr. Ming-yuan Cheng.jpgDr. Tsuey-Ching Yang.jpgDr. An-Na Chiang.jpg
Dr. Ying-Chieh TsaiDr. Han-Juo ChengDr. Sheh-Yi SheuDr. May-Ru Chen
Dr. Ying-Chieh Tsai.jpgDr. Han-Juo Cheng.jpgDr. Sheh-Yi Sheu.jpgDr. May-Ru Chen.jpg
Dr. Cheng-Chang LienDr. Wailap Victor NgDr. Shie-Liang HsiehDr. Ching-Wei Luo
Dr. Cheng-Chang Lien.jpgDr. Wailap Victor Ng.jpgShielianghsieh.jpgDr. Ching-Wei Luo.jpg
Dr. Nien-Jung ChenDr. Chun-Min LoDr. Hsei-Wei WangDr. Wen-Chin Yang
Dr. Nien-Jung Chen.jpgDr. Chun-Min Lo.jpgDr. Hsei-Wei Wang.jpg


Dr. Gwo-Chyuan ShawDr. Jenn-Yah YuDr. Chung-Hsi ChouDr. Hin-Chung Wong
File:Gwo-Chyuan Shaw.jpgFile:Jenn-Yah Yu.jpg
Hin-Chung Wong.jpg

We also appreciate the great help from these friendly schoolmates.

Jesse WuXin-Ye TsaiHoi-Yan (Candy) Cheung Ka-Yi (Cayee) Lau
Jessewu.jpg欣曄1.pngHoi-Yan (Candy) Cheung.jpgKa-Yi (Cayee) Lau.png
Chien-Hung YehChi YangYin-Ju Chen