Why communicate?

In one project, we succeed to gather Nuclear Energy and GMOs. As it is explained in the safety page, these two domains scare a significant proportion of the population. To avoid miscomprehension and a very bad advertising of our project, we focus on the communication.

The first objective was the vulgarization of the project, to allow non-biologist people to understand it and to have positive thoughts about it. In that aim, we realized a video clip explaining the project, using cuddy toys and daylife objects. Furthermore, we decided to communicate a lot in our city. We participated to local radio and TV programs and we wrote an article in local newspapers. We also made a little video clip, using it as an ambassador for extern people.
Eventually, we promoted this project in our own schools, by our participation to a fancy race organized in the INSA, and also by communicating on the websites and social networks of both schools.
All these media are ways to show people that science is understandable by anyone, and is not just for scientists. It’s an essential point in the objective to educate people to synthetic biology.

The second objective was to inform scientists about our project, and show them that we are ready and capable to realize it. In this aim, we organized debates and meetings and contributed to the Biofilm Network. In October, we will participate to a national congress about Industrial applications of Biofilms.

The team spirit was also very important. To promote it, we rode a savage “dragon boat”, and celebrate our victory in a barbecue party!

Please take a look to our video clip! Hope you'll enjoy it.

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