KULeuven iGEM 2011


K.U.Leuven Team

The 2011 team consists of (bio-) engineers and (biomedical) scientists of the KUL, and – new this year – media developers from the MAD faculty of Genk. Each team member spends his/her summer holiday working on the project. The project was housed at the laboratory of Functional Biology of the Faculty of Science, which kindly provided space for experiments, access to computers and appropriate equipment.


If you scroll over the team member pictures, you will see what they mainly did for the project. Most team members actually attributed to different parts in the project than the 'prescribed' role, but you'll only see the 'main role'.

• We sent a plasmid containing the InaZ-gene to the Edinburgh iGEM team.
• We took the initiative to organize a debate and invited the ULB iGEM team to present their project.



  • Prof. Joris Winderickx (Faculty of Science)
  • Ruben Ghillebert (Faculty of Science)
  • Erwin Swinnen (Faculty of Science)
  • Lies Vandersteene (Faculty of Science)
  • Inge Thijs (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering)
  • Lyn Venken (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering)
  • Hanne Tytgat (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering)

We thank all the instructors for being involved in the brainstorming sessions and providing practical tips for wetlab, modeling and other items of the iGEM project. We are also grateful for their presence on the weekly iGEM meetings.


  • Marian Crabbé (Faculty of Science)
  • Jochem Deen (Faculty of Science)
  • Wouter Delespaul (Faculty of Science)
  • Jonas Demeulemeester (Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine)
  • Prof. Helge Pfeiffer (Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering)
  • Annelien Verfaillie (Biomedical Sciences)
  • Andrea Wilkinson (Media Arts & Design Faculty)
  • Katrien Dreessen (Media Arts & Design Faculty)

Our gratitude also goes to the advisors because they helped us during the brainstorming sessions and attended the weekly iGEM meetings.