Team:ITESM Mexico/Gallery




Igem Itesm


  • Photo 01
    Aldo and Israel reading our home made DNA extraction protocol
  • Photo 02
    Aldo and Rossel having breakfast
  • Photo 03
    Everyone looking to the left
  • Photo 04
    Having a toast when our lab was inaugurated
  • Photo 05
    Team members folding flyers to promote us among the sponsors
  • Photo 06
    Doing some research at the student’s room
  • Photo 07
    Indira and David.... Fight...Fight...Fight!!!
  • Photo 08
    Team members at Monterrey for the micro congress
  • Photo 09
    Our first presentation in front of the directives of the campus
  • Photo 10
    Selling fruit to raise funds
  • Photo 11
    Dr. Prashant and David eating donuts outside the labs
  • Photo 12
    Arriving to the hotel
  • Photo 13
    Mad eye David and Paty @ Indianapolis
  • Photo 14
    Preparing the presentation