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How Our System Works

Figure 1: Schematic diagram summarizing how our system works. Our biobrick generates an ion pump on the membrane of the cell. In phase 1, Halorhodopsin does not pump in chloride ions without light. When light illuminates in phase 2 that gives energy to the Halorhodopsin, chloride ions are pumped into the cells. Intracellular chloride concentration increased after the Halorhodopsin system works.

Data For Our Favorite New Parts

1. Halorhodopsin, BBa_K559000: a light-driven ion pump which pumps in chloride ions from the environment into the cell.

2. Halorhodopsin Complete System, BBa_K559010: the Halorhodopsin under the complete control system which also consists of the T7 promoter and a double terminator.

New additional part for world jamboree

3. Pgad – Intracellular Chloride-Sensing cassette, BBa_K559011: the biobrick responsible for detecting intracellular chloride concentration quantitatively, to turn on the downstream gene expression.

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