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L Broth

For 1L:
  • 10g Tryptone
  • 5g Yeast extract
  • 5g NaCl

PYE Broth

For 1L:
  • 2g Bacto peptone
  • 1g Yeast extract
  • 1mL 1M MgSO4⋅7H2O
  • 1mL 0.5M CaCl2

Agar Plates

Add 15g Bacto-agar to 1L of liquid media before autoclaving.

Antibiotics Kitchen

Antibiotic Color Code Stock (mg/mL) LB Plate Conc (μg/mL) PYE Plate Conc (μg/mL)
Ampicillin (amp) Red 50 100 50
Carbenicillin (carb) Red 50 50 50
Chloramphenicol (chlor) 2 Orange 5 (in EtOH) 30 1
Kanamycin (kan) blue 50 50 25
Nalidixic acid (nal) Green 10 20 20
Tetracycline (tet) Black 2 (in EtOH) 12
Oxytetracycline (oxytet) Black 2 (in EtOH) 2
Spectinomycin (spec) Purple 20 50 100

Note: for liquid cultures in PYE broth, use half the concentration that would be used for a PYE plate (LB remains the same for liquid and sold cultures).

Freezer Stocks

To an appropriate tube add:
  • 700μL overnight liquid culture
  • 300μL 50% glycerol sol'n
Then place in storage at -80°C.