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Fatih_Turkey team visited a kindergarten to introduce children what genetic engineering is!
One of our most important goals as the team Fatih_Turkey is to introduce iGEM and Synthetic Biology to Turkish students from different age groups. The most exciting session for us was our visit to two kindergartens where we had the chance to talk to young children and learn about their original ideas. During our visits, we told the students that bacteria do not cause only diseases, but they can also do good things for people. For example; they can heal some skin wounds or can even produce light! Then, we asked them to think about what bacteria could do for them and to show their ideas by painting. They were only 6-year-old young children but they had a lot of original ideas that could easily be seen by a quick look at their paintings.

For instance;
* “Bacteria that extend human hair 8 cm in 3 minutes”,
* “Bacteria massagers under the bed”,
* “Singer bacteria (who sing beautiful songs)”, etc.

Consequently, we told the children that bacteria had benefits as well as potential harms and could sometimes be very useful for people. This experience was a wonderful memory and experience for us.