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deneme baslik


In 26th October 2011, BIOTECH Conference was held in Fatih University in İstanbul. The Minister of Science, Industry and Technology of Turkey also visited the conference. As Fatih Turkey team, we were there to perform a presentation about SynBio and iGEM. During our visit, we had the chance to talk with minister about SynBio, iGEM and our project. We mentioned about the importance of this study and the minister was very interested in it. He appointed his General Principle for the development of this field and also our project.
With this meeting, we succeed to lure the interest of government of Turkey to SynBio. In a few years, with the increase of numbers of Turkish iGEMers and projects in this field of study, assists of government is supposed to increase, too. We find this work very important considering the possible acceleration in the studies with support of government.