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deneme baslik


Synthetic Biology Turkey meetings 1.0 of iGEM Turkey teams were organized by Association of Synthetic Biology and METU-Ankara Team on September 10, 2011 and we were also invited to the meeting organization, we were glad to be a part of this meeting. The organization’s aim was to arrange meeting with all Turkey iGEM team members and researchers and related companies in order to discuss Synthetic biology in Turkey and the iGEM competition potential on ongoing studies. In this meeting, all iGEM teams and Bio- entrepreneurship company owners presented their presentations and some foreign academics talked about synthetic biology giving some helpful advice to listeners via teleconference system. It was very informative and enjoyable for us. We presented a successful presentation which was about our project and played our Canwas Town Game with other iGEM Turkey teams. Also one of the important news informants of Turkey which is Anadolu Agency came to this meeting and talked with Turkish teams’ members and took some photos.