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Synthetic biology is a brand new field of study that develops very fast. While new projects come out in time, the questions and problems pop out. Recent example was the big debate that took place in Europe Jamboree: “The Meeting of Young Minds”. In the event, young politicians of Holland and iGEM team members discussed synthetic biology, its properties and future.
Beyond of that, during the development of the science, it can also be abused and bring catastrophes to humanity. Informing people and encouraging to use it for the sake of people is very important because of this reality.
From this perspective, we discussed this issue with our friends from politics club of our university in İstanbul. We told them what synthetic biology is, what the scientists can do via designing the organisms with BioBricks and what this science would bring to humanity in the future. Then, politics club made a private meeting between them and declared a report about synthetic biology and aspects of people about it:
According to members of the club;

  • An obligatory to all countries that can use synthetic biology technology must be prepared and declared like Kyoto Protocol. It is believed that this will slow down or prevent possible abuses of synthetic biology.
  • An authorized committee whose members are experts of their fields of study related with synthetic biology must be assembled. This committee must control whole studies about SynBio. Some sanctions should be applied by this committee to who abuse this field or become harmful to humanity.