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deneme baslik

Inhibition in Supernatant Assay

In this experiment, we wanted to investigate the effects of supernatant includes LALF protein to E.coli. Therefore, we put 8 ul LB broth into falcons. We added them E.coli with RFP and incubated for 12 hours in 37⁰C .We put pure E.coli into only one falcon for control. We added 1ul, 10ul and 100ul supernatant with LALF and without LALF.
We diluated them 7 times after 2 – 4 – 8 – 12 hours. Then, we spread 10 ul into plates which has half volume of spread amount chloramphenicol. We centrifuged the liquid cultures which incubated for 12 hours at 37⁰C at 7000 rpm for 5 minutes because of preparing supernatant with LALF and without LALF. All supernatants were passed through the 0,2 filter in order to decontaminate from bacteria and their disposals.