Animation - Come See Our Animations at Our Presentation!

I'm Fun to Click

Using Visuals to Connect the Dots

Bringing up "Synthetic Biology" in a conversation with anyone outside the field will elicit question marks.

Anything muttered after those words will be forever lost to the public.


CUGEM aims to level the playing field. We seek to communicate our ideas with the public via effective animation and communication skills.  Our presentations are designed to entice our audience, draw them in, and enable them to attach our explanations to physical phenomena. 


As a result, this year we've created a designated animation sub-team consisting of Dan Levine (Mechanical Engineer) and Nicholas Kramer (Electrical and Computer Engineer). Under the direction of team leader Jim Mathews,  we've broken up our project into scenes that will best explain our project. Along the way, we've established a strong set of methodologies, techniques, and resources to build up our animation team in the coming years.


A overview of our work can be found on the pages linked by the images above.


We'd also like to thank Luxology greatly for their support. Building up our sub-team required a significant investment of time and resources.


Their intuitive and powerful software - Modo - made this possible.