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      Jérome MUNYANGI - Advisor 1

Jérome munyangi is searcher in Medecine and Biology

      Monsieur KAMBALE - Member

In my high school, i had followed the scientific   section, precisely biochemistry option. At the   university, I'm doing medicine, exactly in medical   biology department. My specificity is that I usually like bring my contribution in the humanity evolution. This factor pushes me every day to   have more initiative, creativity and being more determinat. So In our team, I focus myself on   biochemistry, bacteriology and immunology

      Divine CHUGA - Member

I am CHUGA, I've finished in   secondary school in biology chemistry. Now,   I’m a student in third undergraduate. I am   interested on micro-biology and molecular   biology.

      Anthony KETA - Member

In 2009, after the secondary school, i have   got my baccalaureate in D section, option Mathematics, biology and chemistry, i have   been always interested by fundamental   scientific research; then the molecular   biology is a great and interesting domain   which is my first ambition, especially in our   subject. Mathematic is a tool which helps   me to be interesting on modeling.  transmission and bacterium growing aspect.

      Gloire BONZILI - Member


I am a student in 3rd   undergraduate and medicine   is my domain.

I have done biology and   chemistry in high school. In   the team, immunology is what  I am performing.

      Pika LONGILA - Member


I'm student in medicine, first cycle level three. Longila has done successfully his secondary school bio-chemistry. At university, grade 3; all physiologies courses   are well assimilated as well as others, thus the medicine is my favorite domain. In the team, I am more based on   immunology and micro-biology (direct and   indirect transmission of mycobacterium ulcerans).


      Christelle KANDA - Member

I do as secondary school biology   chemistry and the subject that I’ve liked   so much were the biology. Then, in   university, I’ve opted for the medicine   and for the moment, my level is the first   cycle of medicine and my preference on   the subject is molecular biology and the   synthetic biology.

      Medard OKONDA - Member


Born in DRC, chiefly in the district of   Sankuru. He has done primary and   secondary school in scientific option, basically in   biology and chemistry.

Nowadays, he is a student at Bel Campus   University, in 3rd undergraduate. He likes   Biology and immunology  too much.

      Cedrick MENDE - Member


I have done biology and chemistry in secondary   school. Nowadays, i am in medicine  at  University, in 3rd   undergraduate.   I’d like to deepen  my knowledge in   molecular biology.

  As i know what i want, then i can get it.

      Aristide KABEYA - Member


Aristide is my name, I have 20 years old. I’ve finished my high school in biology, French,   Latin and mathematics. For the time being, medicine is my subject.   However, to be researcher is my dig wish in my   life. That’s why, i am striving updated in   science. My work is to summarize ideas of my friends in   the team.


      Emmanuel KITAPINDU - Member


I have done bio-chemistry in   secondary school. Now, I’m a student   in medicine, in 3rd undergraduate. I’m   very interested on synthetic biology   because mathematic is included.

  I hope that I will get all I want.



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