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Human Practices

The Columbia-Cooper team were a lively part the Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science this year. The World Maker Faire is the premier event for grassroots American innovation. As the World's Largest DIY Festival, this two-day family friendly Faire has something for everyone - a showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness and a celebration of the Maker mindset.

Genspace provided the venue at this unique event for a collaborative effort between the Columbia-Cooper and the NYC iGEM software team. The students spent the weekend of Sept.17 educating the public about synthetic biology and showing off some of their own innovations. Other team members helped to run a booth where the public were invited to extract DNA from strawberries using household items like salt, dishsoap, and coffee filters.

This was an amazing and fun experience all around. We even won the editor’s choice award for our exhibit!

Chris Lin meets Balvir Kunar of the NYU iGEM Software Team.

Chris Lin shows a budding synthetic biologist some bacteria plates.

From right to left: Will Long, Peter Liu, Kim Kyu, and Chris Lin.

Hannah Landes, a visiting iGEMer helping out at the Genspace table.

Justin Fabrikant demonstrates how to use a microcentrifuge.

WIll and Min explain iGEM and Genspace to curious visitors.

Rikki Frenkel and Sung Won Lim at the Genspace table.

Sung shows off the Maker Fair Editor's Choice ribbon.

The Genspace Table at the Maker Faire.

Genspace Posters at the Maker Faire.