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Lab. Attributions

Colombia's team divided the group tasks in 4 different groups, each one related to the Plasmids

Plasmid 1

Group Leaders: Silvia Cañas and Nathaly Montenegro

Molecular Tasks: Jorge López, Nelson Rojas M. and Roberto C. Lenis

Modeling: Silvia Cañas

The P1 group designed, extracted and amplified primers and regions from V. fisherii, such as Chitoporins, Chitin Binding site and Chitin Sensor, Nelson adquired the bacterial strain and with Nathalie, Jorge, Roberto and Silvia they obtained the DNA.

Minipreps, Brick designs and bricks registry were lead by Nathalie and Silvia, on which Jorge and Roberto did most of the molecular work

Silvia did the mathematical modeling of P1.

Plasmid 2

Group Leader: Mariana Restrepo

Molecular Tasks: Juan D. Olarte, Andrés Simbaqueba, Olga Pinzón

Modeling: Laura Guzmán

P2 assembled the plasmid which will be used for the production of chitinase, and to regulate and transform the gradient signal in a on/off response. Bricks BBa_R0062 (LuxR activated promoter with HSL), BBa_0062 (LuxR repressor activator) BBa_R0051 (CL lamba regulated promoter), BBa_C0051 (CL repressor for Lambda phage with LDA) and BBa_C0061 (QS (HSL) signal). All the members of this group made digestions, minipreps and ligation for P2.

Laura Guzmán made the modelling for P2.

Plasmid 3

Group Leader: Paola Reyes and Gabriel Martínez

Molecular Tasks: Gabriel Martínez, Laura Guzmán, Estefanía Luengas, David A. García

Modeling: Gabriel Martínez

P3 recovered BioBricks BBa_i14033 (P(cat)), BBa_C0062 (LuxR), BBa_B0014 (Terminator), BBa_R0062 (LuxR activated promoter with HSL), BBa_I0460 (Lactonase) and BBa_J45017 (Salycilic Acid) in order to reconstruct its plasmid. Under the guidance of Paola, digestions were performed by Gabriel, Estefanía and Laura. Ligations were made by all of them.

Gabriel did the modeling of P3.

Test Plasmid

Group Leader: David Ayala

Molecular Tasks: Oscar Ortega, David Ayala

TP was recosntructed and tested by David and Oscar, additionally, with the help of Paola Reyes, inoculation of the plants were made by all of them

Other Attributions

Plasmid Maps and PCR Protocols

All Colombia @ iGem members helped and gave ideas about the plasmid mapping and reconstruction. Grad Students and Advisors were of invaluable aid for this task. PCR Protocols were mainly made by the group leaders.


All members were in charge of keeping the Digital Notebook updated by means of Google Docs. Wiki team was in charge of keeping the notes in the wiki updated and readable.

Web Design, Wiki and All images

Wiki team was lead by Javier Tabima. Gabriel Martínez, Juan D. Olarte, and Silvia Cañas helped with the uploading and cleansing of the Wiki.

HTML code and Wiki design was made by Javier Tabima.

Cartoons and Lizardo were made by Javier Tabima.

Visit to schools

Gabriel Martínez, Estefanía Luengas, and Andrés Simbaqueba lead the Schools visits from the team. All undergraduate students and some of the grad students helped in the teaching and on the Q&A to the different public schools.

Schools Visited:

Miravalle School

Nicolás Esguerra School

Argelia School