Assembly of functionalized S-layer proteins

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Freiburg Assembly example

To create fusion proteins you have to use a BioBrick assembly which assembles in frame so your fusion protein is functional. The standard BioBrick assembly does not assemble in frame so you have to use other standards - like the Freiburg or the Gibson assembly. Our S-layer gene is already provided in the Freiburg assembly standard so after ordering it you can directly start assembling your fusion proteins of choice to it. In addition, we provided these genes not only in this easy to use standard, but they also exist under the control of a T7 / lac promoter (BBa_K525303 and BBa_K525403). So after cloning you can easily express them in an E. coli strain which carries a T7 polymerase in its genome like BL21(DE3) or KRX. Do not forget to add a his-tag (BBa_K157011) to your fusion protein so you can easily purify it and follow the next steps in this guide!

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Have problems with your assemblies? Check out our genetic engineering protocols.

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